Kanan's New Beginnings

May 6, 2021

When we started Wildflour Bakery & Cafe 10 years ago, we had one goal in mind - to bake delicious bread that was Non-GMO and free of preservatives, with natural ingredients that were indisputably fresh. We emphasized uncompromised quality, unparalleled customer service, and consistency in every loaf coming out of our oven. With the support of an outstanding community, we achieved that and more!

The year 2020 brought about many changes for everyone. For us, it included the decision to close Wildflour Bakery and Cafe. The changing marketplace coupled with the continued growth of our wholesale business led us to create Kanan Baking Company, where great breads rise. In doing this, we made sure we implemented our original values from Wildflour Bakery & Cafe front and center; artisanal excellence, reliable service, and feeding people right. 

Kanan Baking Company’s success has been because of the love from our community. We are forever grateful to those who frequented Wildflour Bakery and Cafe, all our existing wholesale clients, and the relationships that we developed in service with food banks and charities over the years. We've also created an e-commerce home delivery division, who delivers fresh bread to local customers doors twice a week; ensuring we maintain our important connections with our communities.

These actions work together to ensure our values of togetherness and community-building will continue as we move into our next chapter as Kanan Baking Company. 

From Local to National - A Small Business Success

Our Wholesale growth year over year required us to move into a large scale state of the art production facility in Dec 2019. We continue to take the necessary steps to maintain the quality, taste ,and consistency you have come to expect from us.

By hiring the best possible team members to execute our visions of quality without compromise, we are proud to welcome Jeff Gerber and Celia Ford, two veterans of food production and quality assurance. 

Jeff Gerber

As Head of Production Jeff Gerber brings 40 years of production experience. He's working hard to integrate further automation to increase output in efficiencies. Jeff's also passionate about creating systems that get more bread out to the people who love it so much. We are beyond appreciative of all his efforts! Jeff will be continuing to monitor and revise the bread baking process with our awesome staff to make sure things run smoothly and efficiently. 

Celia Ford

Celia Ford is our new Head of Quality Assurance. Celia comes to us armed with 25 years of experience in food safety and regulatory management, having worked at two Fortune 500 companies in food safety. She'll utilize her incredible experience to collaborate with our team to ensure every loaf of bread adheres to our values of artisanal excellence. 

Our Committment to You

Our commitment to bringing you fresh quality products is strengthening with these new additions to our exceptional baking team, along with the new facility at Kanan Baking Company. 

We appreciate all the love and support over the years and look forward to keeping the connection alive through our home delivery service. Check back here monthly to find out what’s new at Kanan Baking Company - as well receive some of your favorite recipes from our old menu at Wildflour Bakery & Cafe! 

Wishing you all good health and more time breaking bread with your families!


Lisa, Greg & Eli 

Freshly Baked Grams