The 2020 Shortlist: LA’s 8 Tastiest Eats & Treats Delivered to Your Door

May 6, 2021

Hop off the franchise and fast food bandwagon, and take a ride with us today as we showcase this year’s shortlist of unique take-out options that can be found right in your Californian backyard.

Though it is imperative to practice safe and healthy social activities, flavor and freshness of food doesn’t have to be compromised when dining in with yourself, your partner, or your family. Included in our list are familiar foods that you may not have thought to order online, or knew were even possible to be delivered to your doorstep.

From custom cakes with Food Network fame and bread loaves that enjoy beauty sleep, to wind powered acai bowls, and a family owned farm boasting 4 generations - here are our hand-harvested selection of unique, affordable, and possibly unexpected menus you can order online for delivery today.

With common themes of compassionate missions, paired with utilizing ingredients held to the highest standards - our shortlist showcases family-founded businesses and vegan must-tries, all with a focus on holistic health, support for local communities and of course, full-on flavours for you and your family to relish together. 

#8 Sugarfish

High quality sushi, sashimi, and rolls, like those featured on Sugarfish’s Nozawa-style menu, can be ordered online with their contactless delivery method. Finally, your crab roll cravings are cured!

This LA sushi staple is synonymous with their principles of excellence, serving traditional items based upon Chef Nozawa’s delicate style. Sugarfish has seamlessly adapted to this year’s take-out trend, and in turn supports you in continuing to enjoy a sophisticated and healthy sushi experience at home or outdoors, without compromising quality or taste.

Did you know? 

Each partition in the take-out box kit separates individual components for ultimate freshness, with sauces placed purposefully on the side. Do not fret, however, as the restaurant has created an intuitive and clever instructional guide to teach at-home diners which sauce goes with which dish.

Sugarfish’s “To-Go Trust Me” menu sets showcase their most popular dishes, tiered at 4 price points - for all occasions. 

#7 Coolhaus

Premium, artisanal ice cream sandwiches and pints.
Ordered online (in pyjamas), and delivered to your front door? Enough said.

Okay, okay, we’ll say a little more.

Did you know? 

Coolhaus is women-founded and led! 

In 2009, founders Natasha and Freya were driven to create this unique frozen dessert company. Their dream was to fill the metaphorically gaping hole on ice cream shelves - ultimately, cultivating a brand whose purpose would be to resonate with and represent women and millennials. 

Coolhaus is more than just ‘OG Vanilla Sammies’ and pints of ‘Dirty Mint Chip’ though. This powerhouse of a movement strives to empower women and inspire younger generations’ perception of success in all fields. Think big fans of self-love, social justice, and RBG

Natasha and Freya have been featured in publications for all things ice cream as well as entrepreneurship, including the humble story of how the dynamic duo grew to become a household name, and VegNews for their 13 flavour vegan line

As well as endeavouring in strategic initiatives, especially those which aim to build confident leaders out of girls, Coolhaus has been featured in recent news by contributing to covid-19 relief in their local LA community.

So, ice cream for dessert tonight, anyone?

#6 Sweet E’s Bake Shop

While we have sweet treats merrily on our minds, allow us to next introduce you to ‘Cupcake Wars’ veteran, Erica “Sweet E” Tucker.

The self-proclaimed cupcake princess specializes in custom cakes and cupcakes for all occasions, offering vegan, plant-based options which are also Kosher certified, and egg, nut, and dairy-free.

From a modest 3 to 8 orders a day, to extraordinary 500 cupcake count towers, she invites you to dip your finger in the frosting wherever you are - as Erica and her team now deliver and ship nationwide. For you lucky LA folks, Sweet E offers free next day delivery for orders US$50 and more. 

“Piece of mind” is guaranteed, aligned with their commitment to the utmost care for your custom creations. 5 star reviewer Jacob W claims that this is the place to order, “the best strawberry shortcake cake in this city.”

Did you know? 

With a balloon and flower shop further complimenting the elaborate online store, Sweet E’s is an ideal birthday surprise or special occasion gift to send your loved ones around the country while you cannot be with them in-person. 

Pssst.. Jacob W also thinks you should treat yourself. How about a fresh strawberry shortcake cake?

#5 Talley Farms Fresh Harvest

It’s now time to cleanse our sugary palates with a healthy dose of farm fresh fruits and vegetables, direct from California’s Central Coast.

The Talley Family have continued to own and operate Talley Farms with hands-on dedication, hard work, and care - for 4 generations. Since 1948, however, the farm has modernized and diversified, now packing and shipping in-season produce fresh to doorsteps across the West Coast, daily. This means crisp apples and leafy brussel sprouts in the Winter, and the juiciest strawberries and best varieties of peas when Springtime comes around.

You can even subscribe to receive Talley Farm Fresh Harvest boxes weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly; all without contract commitment, no less! They offer their Original box from US$30 which is perfect for a family of 2-5; or alternatively, the Junior box from $25 which is just the right measure for 1-2.

Did you know? 

The Talley Farm’s care and support for family extends to their devoted team members, community, and beyond. Not only do they offer college course scholarships to employees and their children, produce is also supplied to the local food bank, and kids’ cooking classes are provided to the YMCA.

Californians, overnight shipping is available for you; and our West Coast neighbours, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Oregon can have the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables on their kitchen tables in just two days.

#4 Backyard Bowls

You might still be patiently wondering what in the world ‘wind powered acai bowls’ are.
Pete and Dan founded Backyard Bowls, which operates on 100% clean energy; specifically, wind energy. Understanding the ways in which our food choices impact the environment, the founders are proud to run a Certified Green Business in Santa Barbara County.

They are passionate about foods that are organic and sustainable, and most importantly, locally produced. Like our aforementioned businesses, Backyard Bowls also care deeply about their community and their team - but most of all, they “care about serving the best damn bowls in the world.” Time Out describes them as  kickass acai bowls, consistent and creamy, topped with perfectly ripe fruits.

But wait, what is an acai bowl, you ask?

In essence, they are flash frozen acai berries that have been pureed with other fruits, creating a thick smoothie. This is then topped with whatever your heart may desire! Most commonly fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, and granola. Backyard Bowls features specialized add-ons like matcha, spirulina, and bee pollen. They’re a delectable alternative to breakfast, brunch or lunch and will keep you going all day; not to mention making you feel good inside and out!

Did you know? 

At an average of US$10 per serving, some critics claim that these loaded superfood bowls packed with delicious nutritious goodness, are fantastic value for those who might wish to try aging in reverse.

#3 Tocaya Organica

Another LA local you need to add to your online order list, if you or your family have a fondness for modern Mexican fare, is Tocaya Organica.

Humbly born in Venice, California in 2016, Tocaya have expanded their versatile taco, burrito and bowl shop in neighboring Arizona too. If you’re not familiar with the cuisine, we’re talking traditional recipes with a cheeky Californian twist. Ever wanted to try a Fajita Del Rey? Perhaps a Street Corn En Fuego? Or what about a Guiltless Burrito filled with cauliflower rice and vegan chipotle crema? Well, ladies and gents who are conscious about their health and infatuated with bold flavors, this is for you.

Tocaya takes pride in their locally sourced ingredients, offering vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options- while making positive choices for our planet’s future. Their diverse team of members from Israel to Russia are fun-loving and are often given shoutouts on the restaurant’s social media.

Did you know? 

When ordering online, you can also include beer, wine, and Tocaya’s classic Mexican margaritas to be delivered too. There’s even a newly updated family style menu, perfect for enjoying the holiday season in the comfort of your home. From US$40 to feed a group of 4, you can choose from premade burritos, a taco bar, or even build-your-own bowl packs.

For some aesthetic pleasure, scroll through their colorful feed of zesty seaside teal and the tropical orange (tacos) and pink (cocktails) reminiscent of a jubilant Californian sunset.

#2 Linda’s Gourmet Latkes

For those who celebrate Hanukkah, one of the foods that instantly comes to mind is Latke. 

Latkes are Jewish potato pancakes, cooked crispy, and then presented in different shapes, sizes and flavors.The story of Linda’s Gourmet Latkes begins with Linda, of course! 

In 2004, the stay-at-home LA mom founded her grassroots business, spurred by a successful bake sale at her daughter’s school. Since then, her team has bloomed, and they have graciously been selected to showcase in the LA Times “Holiday Gift Guide” as well as The Oprah Magazine’s “Special O” List.

Her authentic latkes are always Kosher, sometimes heart shaped, and offer gluten-free and vegan options. Free delivery is on the table for LA residents who are craving or are interested in trying, Linda’s Gourmet Latkes.

Did you know?

Although traditionally served with sourcream or applesauce, Linda also features salmon and trout roe caviar on her online store as an alternative accompaniment. 

#1 Kanan Baking Company 

“From our family to yours,” is a motto we at Kanan Baking Company hold dear to our hearts. 

It truly is the little things, like Kanan’s thoughtful baking process that matter the most. We allow our loaves to rest overnight and enjoy some valuable beauty sleep in order to deliver better tasting bread for you and your loved ones. Kosher and preservative-free, our high-quality bread selection aims to serve the community, as we understand and appreciate that small, daily moments are nurtured while bread is broken together. 

From our small and humble retail store beginnings, to our current nationwide online ordering service, our philanthropic potential has also grown. Along with contributing to local charities and food banks, we are also passionate about supporting and partnering with volunteers, team members, and community organizations from diverse backgrounds. 

Did you know? 

We were formerly known as Wildflour Bakery; and by doing what’s right, rather than what’s easy, we have blossomed and grown to be able to include wholesale services in our repertoire.

We welcome you with open arms to our Kanan Baking Company family. See our array of buns, challah, ciabatta, loaves, artisanal specialties, and more.

Before You Go (And Order Some Buns)

We hope that while reading our recommendations, the thought of sending some treats to a loved one or perhaps an across-the-country friend my have crossed yourmind - because "I miss you" and "love time, no see" are definitely good enough reasons to spread some edible affection!

Here are just a handful of wonderful reasons for you to place your next delivery order online:

  • Support local businesses and communities 
  • Feed your mind, body, and soul with delicious and healthy fuels
  • Positively impact the environment - did we mention the cleanliness of wind energy?
  • Be present with your household and create new memories together - by saving time and energy otherwise spent shopping, cooking, and cleaning up

Whether you are in the mood for a lavish sashimi spread, or the family has voted for taco night, be sure to keep this guide handy and bookmarked for all your online ordering essentials. 

And by  by ‘essentials’ we mean bread, fresh produce, and of course, ice cream.

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